About Lee

Hey there, I’m Lee, 38 years old from the sunny UK.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a tendency to “rattle on” sometimes so I’ll try to keep this page as brief as possible. I said try, no promises 😉

In a nutshell, my sole aim here at Website Builder Wars is to help you choose the right website builder for your business or project with no jargon and as few headaches as humanly possible!


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I spend countless hours with my sleeves rolled actually testing selected platforms so you don’t have to!

To achieve this, I start by creating a test website from scratch and look carefully at the key areas along the way such as;

  • How easy is this platform to use?
  • How good are the pre-designed templates?
  • What features are available (e.g blog, store, contact forms, etc)?
  • Is there training or help & support should we need it?
  • How much is this all going to cost?

I then document the whole process for you along with the pros and cons that I find along the way in the form of reviews, “best of” guides and comparisons.

I believe this to be the fairest and most unbiased way to help you make an informed decision as to which site builder is right for you and your situation.

How it All Started

In my younger days, I built many websites for various projects and business ventures. Some more successful than others!

Don’t laugh, but one of the personal highlights (and earliest venture) was a site for an online adult store.

Hey, don’t judge me, that stuffs sells right?

Along the way, I used many of the popular do-it-yourself builders that you’ll run into such as Wix and Weebly so I already had plenty of experience with these platforms.

Then, when I got into blogging a few years back, I began using WordPress (which this site is built on) and it’s now my go-to platform.

Speaking of WordPress, If you do any Googling on how to build a website, you’re sure to run into people touting it as the only platform you should use.

Hint…It’s not and I quickly learned that WordPress is most definitely not everybody!

At one time, whenever a friend or family member would ask me which builder they should use for a particular project, my answer at one time was “just use WordPress, it’s great!”

For the most part, they didn’t agree!

You see, WordPress has quite a steep learning curve and not everyone has the time or desire to learn it.

I then realized that the platforms I mentioned earlier such as Wix, Weebly, Squarespace etc were powerful enough to create a beautiful, functional website for people who just want a simpler, all-in-one solution.

Website Builder Wars was born to help people like you, cut through the noise and find the right website builder for your business or project.

So, How Does This Site Make Money?

Firstly, I never accept money for paid reviews or sponsored listings on my site.

Helping you is my number one priority.

Some of the website builders offer a commission for referrals. That means, if you click on some of the links on this site, I will earn a commission if you decide at some point to upgrade to a premium (paid) plan.

I do not earn anything for free trials/free plans which most platforms offer and I strongly recommend you always take full advantage of these trials first to make sure it’s a good fit and it has all of the features you require.

I like to be completely open and transparent with you as a valued read and so any links where I could potentially earn money are clearly marked with an asterisk. (This is currently being rolled as posts are being updated). You can learn more here.

If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to leave a comment under the relevant article or you can contact me directly here.

Thanks for stopping by, hope to talk soon!

Lee Raybould